Our Programs

TOTAL CHILD MODEL SCHOOLS was founded on the 10th September, 2001 by Barrister Uwabor Nelson Lucky. The school is situated on Plot 17A Sagwari Layout, Dutse Makaranta, Bwari Area Council, Abuja Federal Capital Territory.

The school has the following departments:

  1. Pre – Nursery
  2. Nursery
  3. Primary
  4. Junior Secondary
  5. Senior Secondary
  6. Professional Courses

Our programs are explained below:

  1. Early childhood Care (crèche)

Early childhood care development and Education is the care, protection, stimulation and learning promoted in children from age 0 – 4 years in a crèche or nursery.


  • Effect a smooth transition from home to school
  • Prepare the child for the primary level of education
  • Provide adequate care, supervision and security for the children while their parents are at work.
  1. Primary education

Primary education is the education given to children aged 6 – 12 years.


  • Inculcate permanent literacy, numeracy and the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Lay a sound basis for scientific, critical and reflective thinking
  • Promote opportunities for the child to develop life manipulative skills that will enable the child function effectively in the society within the limits of the child’s capacity
  1. Junior secondary education

Junior secondary education is the education which a child receives immediately after primary education


  • Provide the child with diverse basic knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship and educational advancement
  • Develop patriotic young people equipped to contribute to social development and the performance of their civic responsibilities
  • Inspire national consciousness and harmonious co-existence irrespective of differences in endowment, religion, ethnic and socio-economic background


  1. Senior secondary education

The senior secondary education/ post basic education is the education children receives after a successful completion of ten (10) years of Basic Education and passing the Basic Education Certification Examination.


  • Offer diversified curriculum to cater the differences in talents, disposition, opportunities and the future roles.
  • Inspire students with a desire for self-improvement and achievement of excellence
  • Provide holders of the Basic Education Certificate with opportunities for education of a higher level, irrespective of gender, social status, religious beliefs or ethnic backgrounds.


5. Professional Courses

We offer professional courses in ICT and they are listed below.


  • Mobile App Development (Android).
  • Programming in JAVA.
  • Introduction to web development(HTML, CSS and Javascript).
  • Full Stack Development (Boostrap, React JS, Node JS, MONGOB DB).
  • Web Development (PHP, MYSQL, WordPress)
  • Data analysis using python.
  • Microsoft Office Application.
  • Computer Networking.
  • Hardware Engineering