It is the inalienable right of the child to be educated, our vision is to educate the child, strengthen him intellectually, morally, spiritually and physically. To identify and develop the hidden talent in the child and make him stand out among his peers and groups.


Having the farmers and civil servants in mind, our mission is to provide affordable, sound and qualitative education to the Nigerian child.


We are in tune with the latest trend in technology and as such our result is processed electronically, parents can access their child/ward results by clicking the on the link below :

Educational ObjectiveS

a.To educate the child, bring him and strengthen him physically, morally and spiritually.
b. To identify and develop the hidden talent in the child, give him the best academic and intellectual
sound standing as obtained else where in abroad and in Nigeria to distinguish him from others.
c. To teach him to be law abiding, loyal to authority and to the country.
d.To instruct him to respect others younger or older than he is.
e.To show him how to be truthful, fair, kind, dutiful, faithful to parents and the general community.
f.To make him responsible and be ready to serve his community and the nation in his able capacity when the need arises.