Press in every society is the   light of the world. Press sees to the affairs of information dissemination. Press is the bed rock of information in every society. Without press there wouldn’t be an information without information the society leaves in ignorance. Thanks God for another term and for his infinite mercies upon us all (school management)


  • To improve the standard of communication among club members
  • To visit media stations (print & electronic) in order to familiarize club members with personal requirements
  • Provision of press tags for press agents and reporters for easy identification
  • News presentation at least once a week and giving of news in different languages and attire
  • To kick off our school interviews starting from the club members to interview the director and the principal about the school programmes and setting it up in the press club magazine
  • To train leaders who will be bold to stand and educate others, because our slogan is “Light of the school, leaders of tomorrow to educate and entertain.”